App Features

SMS Invitation ( Instantly and Simply SMS )

Want to Invite your loved ones for special events in a mobile way?

Invite your loved ones through SMS .

Send your Wedding Invitation via SMS to your family and friends.

Simply SMS the link to download your Invitation Planet app.

Send your Invitation via SMS to your family and friends.

Remainder ( Simply Save the dates )

Make sure your guests dont forget your event date.

The customised Invitationplanet app has the reminder option for the event date where the guests can set reminder on or before the event date and the app will send a reminder notification on the set date about the event.

Remind yourself and your groom/bride of key dates and appointments.

Set notification for your wedding events and plans to not to miss out on things.

Live Chat ( Great way to hangout with your loved ones )

Chat with your loved ones , family members and friends.

Share wedding ideas , opinions and comments among them through live chat..

Let everyone interact with each other

Video Booth ( Just Play it )

Special events and memories should be shared for a long lasting excitement.

Take videos of your wedding events using the device camera.

Upload the most memorable videos from the gallery.

Share them with your family and friends.

Let your loved ones be notified about your newly uploaded videos instantly through push notification.

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Online Invitation

Your wedding with your personal domain

Video Streaming

Provide a clear and High definition video streaming of your event.