Perfectly Planned Weddings and Events is an innovative way of creating Invitations for all kinds of events like wedding, birthday, party and so on through iPhone and Android devices.

Instantly send Invitation through, Email, SMS, notification and QR code.
Excite your guests through your personal Invitationplanet App.
Route map to the event location.
Live video streaming of events make sure guests dont miss your wedding.
Share photos and videos of your special moments.
Create your own domain with
Send Invitation through short and long code.
Create QR code and print it on your Invitation cards to install and view your personalised Invitationplanet app.
QR Code

Reach your guests via smartphone by just scanning the QR code of your Invitation

Create QR code of your Invitation link and print it on your Invitation cards

The QR Code redirect its scanner to your Invitation link

Let your guests install and view your personalised Invitationplanet app

A very effective way for your guests to view your customised Invitation

Latest Updates

Choose your own domain name ( )

Professional personal website designs in a unique format

Simple-to-use Control Panel enables you to build your own website in minutes

Our Features

Route Map ( Easy route to the venue.. )

Get bus/car route to the event venue places.

Understandable directions to your venue right when they need it.

Let the guests enjoy visits to the nearby attractions near the event location such as Temples, Shopping Malls, Beauty Saloons and you make it easier for them to reach those places using the POI list in the map.

Own Domain ( )

Share all your details regarding your wedding with your personal domain – Design Invitation, upload pictures, give wedding details,provide link to your app, etc. Create QR code, Email your personal domain to friends and family through tiny url , QR code and share it on your Twitter or Facebook to be viewed on desktop or mobile devices. Contact us to create your own domain.

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Online Invitation

Your wedding with your personal domain

Video Streaming

Provide a clear and High definition video streaming of your event.